Farmer Luxton's                      Farm shop near Mole Avon Okehampton. A huge variety of                                                                    local produce and tempting goodies.           Tel 01837 54308  


Animal Crackers                       Country store on Bovey Tracey road out of Moretonhampstead.


Oke Pet Supermarket                Pet shop opposite Lidls in Okehampton

                                                 Both outlets open 7 days a week.                                   

                                                 Country Store Tel:01647 440273   

                                                 Petshop Tel:01837 553231


Cannon Commercials Ltd        Who provide service and repairs and 24 hour recovery

                                                and roadside assistance to commercial vehicles. Based in

                                                Newton Abbot Tel:01626832548 (24 hrs)


CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds   Suppliers of dog food and related supplements to all sections of 

                                                   the working dog world and who supply special prizes at some of    the trials.                                          



Gilbertson and Page Ltd          Dog food manufacturers of a wide selection including the Dr John

                                                range . They are major sponsors of the ISDS.



Gill and Derek Payne               View the gallery self catering holiday cottage near Okehampton

                                                with caravan site for Caravan Club members and paddock where

                                                sheepdog training can be arranged. Tel:01837 53695 or 0777543109 


Heard and Sendell Ltd             General farm and garden supplies based in Tiverton.  

                                                Tel:01884 258099



Mole Avon                               Town and Country Stores with a huge range of animal feeds farm 

                                                supplies, clothing etc etc. Visit them at Exeter Road Okehampton.



Mole Valley                              Large general suppliers of all feeds and country requirements to

                                                farmers and the public. Several branches in the West Country.



Penbode Farm Vets               Holsworthy 01409 253418 and Bradworthy 01409 241241



RAPPA                                    Suppliers of mobile sheep handling equipment. A mobile yard to 

                                                suit any flock. Tel: 01264 810665 or www.rappamobileyards.co.uk

                                                 Who supplied the pen gate to our Society



Southern Counties                  Dogs at stud, pups and part trained dogs often available.

       Sheepdogs                       Individual training lessons and dogs taken in for training.

                                               Contact : Ray Edwards  07715 500809

                                               Carol Worgan 07850 918076  or carol@cworgan.freeserve.co.uk




PETER GREEN                        Make a wide range of sheds and animal or poultry housing and also   Wood Products                       will build bespoke products to your own design

                                                  Tel : 01837 52432                  Based near Mole Avon Okehampton 



















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