Details about the ISDS Ruling body for National and International Trial.. joining the Society, registration of dogs,and ISDS shop.
Promoting trialling in the South West
Information about their Trials and about the Club.
Fine paintings and prints
News from the South West- Articles
latest travel news for your journey, road closures etc.
weather forecasts in all areas
for planning your'e route however far.
Department of Farming and Rural Affairs, not always the department you want to contact ! but may have information you need however unwanted !
Details of their trials and results.
Training courses, Dogs at stud and for sale , Holidays , all in a beautiful part of Cumbria at Lonscale nr Keswick
Trial and training info
Find information on trainers in the region.
Sites for dog breeders designed.
Surrey.Sussex.Wessex & Thanet Societies for Forth coming Trials .Entry Forms and Results