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If anyone takes photos at Trials, either dogs working or prizes being presented I would love you to email copies to me so that the website can be updated with new material and topical info.
Also on a light hearted note any amusing pics of dogs or handlers ( with their permission !) would be much appreciated.
All trialling Members will by now be aware of the tragic death of Ian Mackay
We wish to extend our deepest sympathy to his family.
Ian has been a valued, much liked and respected Member for many years and contributed so much to the trialling scene. The Trials he ran at Sanduck Farm were greatly enjoyed and large sums were raised for charity.
His smilling presence will be sorely missed. May he rest in peace.
Still on a sad note we have learned that Olive Foster the wife of the late Jack Foster died in September this year. Older and long time Members will remember the couple well and with affection, Jack always ably supported by Olive was combined Secretary, Treasurer and Trials Secretary.
I am personally saddened that we did not know at the time because the Society should have been represented at Olive's funeral. H S J



Having spoken with the ICO our Data Security Policy is provided below.

The DESDS hold Society Members details on password protected computers for the sole purpose of contacting members.

Contact is necessary to impart information about Society Events, Trials and News Letters.

Members are asked to give the Membership Secretary their consent that their information may be used in this way.
If members fail to give consent  in writing when this is requested then their details will only be used for postal contact.

No details will ever be shared with a third party unless the Member gives their expressed consent and if a membership lapses for any reason the details held will be deleted from our records.

Members may give consent as to what details they are happy for the Society to hold
ie ; Just their address, phone number or numbers and Email address as they see fit.
If at any time a member wishes to alter or cancel the details held they should contact the Membership Secretary.