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Pittsworthy Farm 24/07/21

1 N Watkins        Alex    91

2 K Evans          Becs    90 OLF

3 N Watkins       Jazz     90

4 G Watson       Wren    89 OLF

5 A Games         Jill        89

6 C Worgan        Leyla   89


Brompton Regis 18/07/21 £101 was donated to Fishing for Life

Open Driving

  1. B Palmer              Meg                    77
  2. W Carter              Jill                     75 OLF
  3. C Worgan             Leyla                75
  4. F Davies Russel   Nellie                 69
  5. L Lock                  Mac                   68
  6. W Carter               Tan                    67

 Best Novice   L Lock  Mac

 Best Young Handler  W Carter Jill


 Maltese Cross 

  1. H Mills                        Moss                    71
  2. J Carter                        Bob                      58
  3. S Greenaway               Moss                    51
  4. N Dalgarno                  Jen                       46
  5. J Holdsworth               Poppy                   45
  6. W Carter                      Lad                        37T  

Best Novice  H Mills Moss

Best Young Handler  H Mills Moss


Borough Farm 04/07/21

Open Driving

1st    R Watson   Jed      87

2nd   M Evans      Jim     86

3rd   D Cole         Tan     82

4th    R Hawke      Mo      80

5th    R Hawke      Chip    79

6th   R Hayes       Fred   79

David Kennard reports There was just over £200 in the pot at the end of the day, which I will pass on to North Devon Hospice


Brendon Hills 03/07/21

Open Driving

1st    G Watson   Wren   92

2nd   R Watson   Jed      83

3rd   G Watson    Ben     82

4th   J Carter      Joe      70

5th   D kennard   Glen    68

6th   R Hawke     Chip    67t


Young Handler

H Mills    Moss   56t


Raleghs Cross 19/06/21

Open Driving


1st    R Watson   Jed      87

2nd   V Pitts        Brook  75

3rd    R Edwards  Bob    67

4th    J Carter      Joe     62 OLF

5th    R Edwards Quories Nap 62



Maltese Cross

1st    J Carter        Bob       76

2nd   R Hawke       Flame     64

3rd    N Dalgarno   Jen        54

4th    D Survila      Mia        40


Best Novice R Hawke Flame 




Covid 19  compliance.


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