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Hi all here are the results of the Victor Ludorum.
Open Driving  
                                 Champion         Jed Watson                    Gwydr Zac      
                        Reserve             Shirley Greenaway  Sanduck Flip
Novice Driving
                    Champion            Jed Watson  Huwthwaite Roy 
Reserve              Carol Worgan  Lee
Open Maltese Cross
                      Champion                    Jed Watson Gwydr Zac
                  Reserve                       K J Watson         Matt
Novice Maltese Cross
                      Champion                  Jed Watson   Spot/Spud
                     Reserve                    Carol Worgan          Lee
Champion of Champion competitors will be:
Open Driving with Turnback.       
Jed Watson, Shirley Greenaway and either Ray Edwards or Bob Watson tying for this place.
Open MX.     
 Jed Watson, K J Watson, Bob Watson.
Best wishes Wendy
 Mr A Griffiths kindly agreed to judge all day. 

Driving 24ran 

                                           1st Mr B Watson (North Tawton) Jay 85 out of 100 
                           2nd Mr N Dalgarno (Tregony) Mirk 84olf 
3rd Mr D Heard Tan 84 
           4th Mrs C Worgan Holly 83olf 
      5th Mr N Dalgarno Roy 83 
                                  6th Mr I Mackay (Lustleigh) Sanduck Mai 80 

Cornwall                               Devon 
Mr N Dalgano Mirk 84               Mr R Watson Jay 85 
        Mr D Heard Tan 84                        Mrs C Worgan Holly 83 
Mr N Dalgarno Roy 83              Mr I Mackay Mai 80 
Mt J Carter Joe 81                Mr C Roe Kite 78 
332                                       326 

Maltese Cross 14 ran
1st Mr J Carter Jess 83 
    2nd Mr N Dalgarno Jen 82 
3rd Mr J Nicholls Joe 74 
4th Mr B Watson Max 73 
5th Mrs J Harper Mo 70 
6th Mr W Carter Joe 69 

Cornwall                               Devon 
Mr J Carter Jess 83                  Mr J Nicholls Joe 74 
Mr N Dalgarno Jen 82               Mr B Watson Max 73 
                                Mr W Carter Joe 69                     Mrs J Harper Mo 70                                
Miss M Dalgarno Pip 64                                              
298                                   217 

CORNWALL Total 630                          DEVON Total   547           
Congratulations to Cornwall on their victory !                                    
      The winners with
        their  Trophies.

Sorting out the trophies
The winners at 
Photos taken at Huish Champflower Trial 
Many thanks to Penny Roe for these.
If anyone wants a print just ask and I'll see what I can do thats if Penny does not want copyright ! !
A message from Penny Roe about a lethal condition called Alabama Rot.
This is a new and 90% fatal illness of dogs.
It was first seen in USA, hence the name and has now appeared in the West Country. There is no vaccine  and so far the cause is unknown. Very swift treatment can in some cases save the dog . The first symptom is unexplained sores  especially on the legs. The best course of action is to go on line and read up about the condition, discuss with your vet and get any suspect sore seen by the vet ASAP. Many vets will not have seen a case yet but swift treatment with antibiotics and dressing of the sore/sores can be a life saver. The progress of the disease is to kidney failure and death.
A nice photo of Nigel Cowling taken by his sister Rachel and sent in by Cindy Cowling.  Taken when he was presented with the Maltese X trophy tray.