With great sadness we learn

that Hilda Watson died yesterday in her 91st year. 

Hilda and her late husband Ken were one of the corner stones of the Devon and Exmoor Sheepdog Society.

Ken was the last of our founder members and Hilda was always beside him at the trials for so many,many years.

Our sympathy goes out to all the Watson family and especially

to her three sons, Kenny, Ged and Bob.










 On Saturday September 16th there is a change of venue

 for the Devon Novice Championship Trial and the Devon Maltese Cross Championship


 The two trials on the same day  will now be held on the Ralegh's Cross field

by kind permission of Mr and Mrs N Cowling and Family.


Near Ralegh's Cross Inn on Exmoor. Venue signed from the B3190


















Letter to Ian Mackay thanking him for the wonderful sum of £1,517.55 raised

at the trials held at Sanduck Farm















All members , indeed all dog owners , should be aware of the following information.


Now that all dogs must by law be microchipped it is vital that when you get a dog / litter of pups

chipped or buy a dog you must check that the chip implanter has registered the details on a recognised data base.



There is a website called PETCHIP that will claim to register any chip number into your name for a fee of £15 and put the details on " The National DatabaseThere is no such thing as a National Database.


The site also claims that the keeper registered for any chip number can be checked on their website. Just try it and see !! Enter the number of a dog you own that is on Petlog for example and it will come up as an unregistered chip number and hence the keeper of the dog can not be traced.


Any vet will be able to read a microchip and tell you what database the number is recorded on.


When you have pups chips implanted make absolutely sure that the implanter does send off the paperwork and that you get confirmation from the relevant database that it has been received and

when buying a dog ask at the point of sale who is the registered keeper and be sure to arrange to have the correct form provided to you so that the keepership can be transferred.


The term Keepership is used as this is not in law the same as ownership.

Strictly speaking,as I understand the law, if  a person other than the owner is responsible for a dog for over six months then that person should be the registered keeper.




Notice to all members and competitors.


It was agreed in committee back in Dec 2016 that, at all DESDS Trials, the full name including the prefix ( if any ) of every dog running would be entered on the score board. This would ensure that the correct details are shown in any results published and that the identity documents will correspond to the microchip number when a dog has the chip scanned. 


As website manager I had failed to note that this information was not on the site and so I apologise for the omission.  Hilary Jones pleading guilty as charged ! 




Note to members who pay by standing order

there is no time like the present !


Please note that on November 1st 2017 the membership fees will be subject to a small increase.


Joining Fee £10

Membership Annual Sub  £10

Family Membershipb £15 Two adults per Household

Junior Membership £2.50 per child


ALTER THE PAYMENT TO BE MADE WITH THEIR BANK . This will hopefully save our hard working membership secretary's sanity.








Chris and Penny Roe were the hosts for the Devon and Exmoor Society sheepdog training day on the 6th May.

Though it was a little windy the sun shone and the sheep, a little tetchy to start with, soon settled down.

We had three trainers who kindly gave their services for the day. David Grant, Carol Worgan and Roderick Hayes.

 "You all done a fantastic job. WELL DONE."











 Many thanks to the trainers and to Chris and Penny for

 giving up their time.


 "Could not have done it without you." 



Everyone I managed to speak to, had enjoyed themselves and felt that it had helped them with their dogs.

The total raised for the day £103.85p.


Tracey Peat



 (The nice photos were taken by Tracey so thank you to her also.)




Rules and Conditions of Entry 
to Devon & Exmoor S.D.S. Trials
1. The judge’s decision is final.  No competitor shall approach the judge  during the progress of a trial.
2. The judge may stop any competitor at his/her discretion.
3. The committee reserve the right to alter the course if necessary and to refuse entries.
4. No dog competing to be used on the field prior to having it’s run.
5. No handler is allowed to touch the sheep whilst working.
6. If a dog injures a sheep, the owner shall pay the value thereof.
7. Whilst every care is taken, the committee does not hold itself responsible for any accident which may occur to Competitors, Spectators, Vehicles or Dogs.
8. DEFRA bio-security guidelines apply.
9. Do not approach tethered dogs in the absence of the handler. 
10. No prize will be awarded to a Novice dog or bitch gaining less than 50% of the winning score in the Open Class.
12. Dogs to be wormed every two months.
13. Please pick-up after your dogs.
14. Dogs placed in any class may have their microchip checked and owners asked to provide a copy of documents for confirmation.
NB It might be a good idea if members who hope to be placed keep photo copies of their dogs registrations and microchips in their vehicle so as to be able to easily comply with this new rule 



Here are the results of the election of Officers and Committee from the AGM held on November 23rd


  Chair ...................   Tracey Peat

  Vice Chair............    Penny Roe

  Secretary............     Wendy Watson

  Membership Sec..    Aeron Jermyn

  Treasurer............     Chris Roe

  Trial Sec.............      Jane Harper

  Publicity .............     Jill Cobbledick

  Trophy Sec.........      Lynne Zorab



  David Cole

  Roderick Hayes

  David Kennard

  Carol Worgan

  Hilary Jones ( Website ) co-opted.